who mislaid my constant, lonely, cheating christmas
common law commuter's compulsory confession
country couple takes this double wicked chicken
thou shall not covet blue beard's last pieces
his father's foreign, forgotten friends
his new york neighbors, his other parisians
his talented romantic, temporary tiger

prospective prophet promoted to private life
part-time passover peeping perfect prayers
suburban mortgaged missionary moon
wolrd's would-be previously unpublished childhood

auto trouble at bay, awakening breakers
family folly bought in name only
on trial savers sacrifice suspicion
tamers to spare swappers, swappers swappers
crusade in pawn retrieved synthetic soldier
be like a rose for the first unlimited time
wonderful, pampered substitute protected
unlucky night slugger's unwelcome wine

wayward fairy tale unprivate
darling likely hidden high inside
frantic spinster's sculpture diary
a case of willful messages revised
love me, love my, oh, that of mine
he trusted his better educated by night
at the mercy of this
bewitched love of the white
welcome trap untouched
share your man who took a bite
who mistook his life
for a prairie patchwork
sky details borrowed in part

wanted tree watcher
who spoke japanese in her sleep
with amnesia without kisses
rent me a runaway secret
the consummation photographer
sherlock shopkeeper
turned to stone retrieved
wild and willing revenge
butchers called by his side
complacent conqueror
he claimed his cinderella
wrong kind of wrong
recall the captive captain
into the bedroom of bewildered mister

woman: ...desert death of a perfect date
man: erotic silence of an american play excellent study guide
woman: faithful excluded final mile
man: ...forgive me lend me your confusions
woman: in search of honor among lovers
man: magician's marriage marathon
woman: i'm more then a pastor's immortal ideal sensible shadow seventh stand-in storm

beating by agreement,
by arrangement, by deception
for a night, a penny
a while, to share
adam's accidental daughter
he chose, he wanted
in ancient and modern times
in exchange, in name only
bath of general bonaparte
mother, lover next door
socialism and family
a search of shore
personality, world and life style
jewish divorce
named woman in your body
wanting you back before

trouble in the truth about being
from this day forward
twentieth twilight year
two babylons, two for sky,
two plays of misalliance
two tales to skin
the world of military brides
unexamined indiscretion
wagered, walled up, wrangled
what every man wants to know
when yours is expanding
when husbands become
when they kill
where's my whoredom
cutting the found cord