Film & Video

Volunteers Come Forward: The Story of Battalion 731

2011 | 12 min

Moscow, USSR 1986
Soviet Prime Minister Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzkhov is informed that an accident has occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in Ukraine. Urgent actions are required to contain and monitor the disaster.

Full film on Vimeo | 58 min

Scenes from a Life

2009 | 9 min

A portrait of a woman, told through a series of life snapshots. Timed with the 60th anniversary of WWII victory, the film mixes the character's accounts of life in a labour camp during German occupation, post-war life under the Soviet regime and her new-found loyalty to the USA.

Vomitorium 2004: Make Room for More

2004 | 5 min

Whether truth or myth, word has it that during the decadent times of the Roman Empire, wealthy citizens threw opulent parties, where guests engaged in consuming astounding amounts of food and, when stuffed to the limit, vomited so that they may gorge themselves again and again.

lower case "w" wife

2003 | 11 min

At least 1700 books and movies found in Internet and library databases contain the word "wife" in their title. "Wife" appears in these titles swaddled by adjectives and descriptive phrases, which upon closer examination, can be deemed to mirror social attitudes toward women as wives in the time span represented by the given literary and film media.

... thou shall not covet Blue Beard's last pieces

2003 | 4 min

... thou shall not covet Blue Beard's last pieces is inspired by the life and performances of Claire Waldoff, a German cabaret singer in the days of the Weimar Republic, whose lesbian lifestyle and outspoken political satire was to make her exceedingly unpopular with the rising Nazi regime.